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    R & R Landscaping has added sidewalk and patio paver installation in the past few years. Above is a small patio that was not being used to its fullest capacity. By installingCobble Antique Cobble Antique style concrete pavers, the customer can now enjoy the outdoors and has made the backyard a place they spend many pleasant hours. In the bottom photos a side walk was removed because it had cracked and heaved in many areas. It was not comfortable to walk on as well as a possible danger to guest. The new concrete paver sidewalk was installed at the same time as a complete new landscape theme was added around the foundation of the house. The style of these pavers (see picture below) were Unistone from Unilock. Unistone Contact us about other styles of concrete pavers available to you. Why are pavers better than concrete poured sidewalks? Here in the north when spring comes the frost will cause the concrete slabs to become uneven. This becomes unsightly and unsafe. With pavers, the frost can move up and with a good base for the pavers they will settle back into their normal position. If there are any that do not settle evenly, they can simply be removed and reset. This is not economically possible with concrete slabs. As with any surface, the paver surface will eventually require some sort of cleaning to remove any rock salt dust or normal dirt and grime from foot traffic as well as from busy roadside traffic. In addition to our wood restoration services, R & R Landscaping can also take care of paver cleaning and sealing. For more pictures of paver installation click hereMore Paver Installations

Old Concrete SidewalkNew Paver Sidewalk

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