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Spring Clean Up Spring clean up on your property consists of powerraking, conditions permitting, to remove all the dead grass and debris from the lawn. At the same time the beds are cleaned to remove all leaves, branches and any other debris accumulated over the winter months. Our regular service customers do not need to contact us to perform this service. Once you are listed as a complete service customer, we will perform the spring clean-ups and other services as necessary. Spring clean-up service usually begins from the second week in March to the first week in April. In the fall, for our full maintenance service customers, leaf removal is done on scheduled basis along with the normal mowing service. If you are not a regularily scheduled customer, call us and we will schedule one to two clean-ups on the lawn. Normally the beds are left with the leaves in them to give a mulch to the root base of all over-wintering plants. Full fall leaf removal in beds is available upon request.

Fall Clean Up

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