Information on Ready Seal

   Ready Seal is a wood stain, wood sealer and UV protector all rolled into one.

   Exposed wood should be protected from the harsh effect of weather. Most wood sealers on the market today are "multi-purpose". This means wood, brick and concrete are all treated as if each were like the other. Ready Seal is specially designed to seal wood and only wood.

   Ready Seal replenishes oils that have been lost due to exposure to the weathering elements.

   Long lasting water repellence is due to the heavy concentration of paraffinic oils and the unique blended deep penetrating resins. Ready Seal contains NO harmful evaporating mineral spirits or solvents as fillers.

  Ready Sealis environmentally safe and has NO ozone deleting chemicals.

   Responsible natural resource management is the driving force behind the developement of Ready Seal. Compliance with state and federal V.O.C. requirements and the lack of harmful ozone depleting chemicals allows safe and efficient protection for exposed wood.

   Ready Seal contains no algae promoting oils such as linseed or other vegetable oils that promote algae and fungus growth on the wood. Some wood sealers on the market today contain inexpensive fillers such as mineral spirits that evaporate in the atmosphere and pollute the air. Ready Seal contains only parafinnic oil that penetrates the wood and waterproofs.

   Ready Seal is made with uniquely blended resins, oils and pigments to insure satisfaction and protection.

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