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Front Yard R & R Landscaping's lawn maintenance is second to none. With a property management program of Spring and Fall Fertilization, Spring Crabgrass Control, Broadleaf Weed Control, Lawn Pest Control and Lawn Coreareation, your lawn can be looking like this beach front cottage. Evergreen hedges are trimmed once a year and decidous shrubs 2 to 3 times a year. Beds were mulched with a purple brick mulch and weeded on a weekly basis. The following will give you an almanac as to service dates:
April:  Spring Clean Up - Apply Spring Fertilization - Apply Crabgrass Preventer
June:   Apply Broadleaf Weed Control. Weather not permitting, this service will be done in September.
August:  Apply Lawn Pest Control - Lawn Coreareation. For those unfamiliar with coreareation, this is the same service that is performed on golf course greens. 1. It permits the root system go deeper where the ground temperature is cooler and moister, allowing the grass to stay greener longer in the heat of the summer. 2. It brings microorganism's to the surface. While they are working their way back into the soil, they help to break up the thatch layer that can accumulate on the surface of the soil. 3. Allows air, sunlight and rain to penetrate to the root system.
September - October:   Apply Fertilizer. This fertilizer contains less nitrogen (greening agent) and more of the minerals and chemicals that will promote new root growth and retard next season problems with snow mold.
October - November:  This is the season for keeping the leaves from building up on your grass and smoothering it. We can remove the leaves with each regularily scheduled mowing service or, by request, do a one time service when all the leaves are down for the season.
That is the basic Lawn Maintenance Program. For a free estimate on a maintenance program for your yard, just contact us.
Other sevices that are performed in the year may include fruit tree pruning in early spring, weekly weeding of beds, evergreen hedge trimming, deciduous hedge trimming etc.

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