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R & R Landscaping is doing most of its newer landscape designs using a 'visual' effect to let you 'see' the new landscape theme before there is any actual work performed on your property. This lets you get a feel for the color schemes etc. All flowering shrubs are shown in bloom. Although not all shrubs bloom at the same time, you can see the contrast against the background. We use a digital camera to take the initial picture and then install the picture into our software program where we can 'remove' unwanted plants and 'install' what we believe to be the best plants for the area we are developing. However after we are done with the design and you decide you would like to see what a shrub would look like if it was a different color, we can change it. We will gladly change the color for you to give you and alternative color scheme. After spending money to beautify your home, it would be a shame to like the plants but that the color is not as nice as you would like. This can be eliminated through the use of visual image designs. The cost of the service is free if R & R Landscaping does the design and landscape installation. If you are interested in purchasing your own plants and doing the installation yourself, we can still do a design for you. You can call or e-mail us for a cost of designing only. We have other designs available for viewing, just click here More Designs

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