Deck Sevice Questions

Damaged Wood

If your deck has any of the above attributes then your deck needs attention and soon.

Q. My deck grayed after I had it sealed. What happened?
A. It may have not been sealed using UV protectors. When we seal any wood product we always use sealers that contain UV protectors.

Q. Other than protection, is there any reason to seal my deck?
A. Yes, allowing exposed wood to weather and decay is an eyesore. You made a major investment in the beautification of your property and it is more costly to replace than to keep it in good shape with sealing.

Q. I had a new deck installed this year, does it need sealing?
A. It requires a treatment that will allow the wood to dry out from the inside while still protecting it from the elements.

Q. Can I treat my wood with something other than sealers for protection?
A. Yes, we can protect your deck, fence, furniture etc. with solid stains, semi-transparent stains, sealers or paint.

Q: How long should I wait before putting stain on a recently built pressure treated wood deck?
A: If you can stay away from stain, try using a pigmented sealer. Stain is very high maintenance. Especially on pressure treated lumber. If you really need to stain, apply Flood companies "Seasonit" and let weather over the winter. Then your deck will be ready to accept a stain.

Q: What is the best and fastest stripper on the market to remove old stain and varnish from my deck?
A: I like Wolman Deck Stripper. You may need multiple applications but it cleans up easily.

Q: I have a deck that has latex stain and is peeling badly. I would like to seal the deck. What should I do?
A: Try Wolman Deck Stripper, you may need two applications. If any stain remains than you will need to sand. Then clean and seal the deck.

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